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  1. Related Document
  2. BRCRS Scheme Handbook
  3. BRCRS Terms & Conditions
  4. Leaflet of BRCRS
  5. Simplified Workflow
  6. Sample document and template
  7. BRCRS Self-Assessment Checklist
  8. Project list template (For Authorized Persons/ Registered Inspectors) [Download DOC] [Download PDF]
  9. Project list template (For Registered General Building Contractors) [Download DOC] [Download PDF]
  10. Project list template (For Registered Minor Works Contractors (Class I)) [Download DOC] [Download PDF]
  11. Project list template (For Registered Fire Service Installation Contractors (Class 1 & 2)) [Download DOC] [Download PDF]
  12. Document list for BRCRS Core Requirements :
  13. Authorized Persons/ Registered Inspectors
  14. Registered General Building Contractors
  15. Registered Minor Works Contractors (Class I)
  16. Registered Fire Service Installation Contractors (Class 1 & 2)
  17. Training video