About the Scheme

  1. The planning and execution of building rehabilitation often involves the appointment of various service providers (e.g. Prescribed Building Professionals / Prescribed Registered Contractor / other relevant professionals) to ensure compliance with legal requirement and the provision of required services. Based on URA’s previous experience in building rehabilitation, a quality service provider is largely conducive to a building rehabilitation project with systematic and effective planning and implementation. Unfortunately, building owners/OCs often relayed that some of the existing service providers varied greatly in terms of service quality or quality of works carried out. The source of information or reference materials available in the market are often incomprehensive, as a result building owners/OCs often encounter difficulties in identifying the appropriate service providers.
  2. In view of the above, the Building Rehabilitation Platform (“the Platform”) has launched the Building Rehabilitation Company Registration Scheme (“BRCRS”) with the following objectives:
    • To establish a one-stop platform which building owners can use to search for service providers;
    • To assess service providers’ management systems for performing building rehabilitation works;
    • To encourage service providers to keep improving their services; and
    • To promote the standard of good practice to service providers.
  3. BRCRS will accept application from service providers under the following categories:
    • Authorized Persons (official application);
    • Registered Inspectors (official application);
    • Registered General Building Contractors (official application);
    • Registered Minor Works Contractors (Class I) (to be released); and
    • Registered Fire Service Installation Contractors (Class 1 & 2) (to be released).
  4. Application period

    The official application for the categories of Authorized Persons (AP), Registered Inspectors (RI) and Registered General Building Contractors (RGBC) is open all year-round.

  5. Assessment procedures

    • Applicants shall submit applications through the On-line Application System, upload the required supporting documents, and pay the application fee after the confirmation of initial checking is received;
    • On-site assessment will be arranged within 2 months after the settlement of application fee by applicant is confirmed;
    • For details, please refer to item 4.3 of the Scheme Handbook- assessment of BRCRS core requirements;
    • After the completion of the assessment, the applicant will receive the assessment report with the percentage of scores obtained.
    • Confirmation of registration for the application will be confirmed within 6 months after the completion of the on-site assessment.
  6. Application fee

    The BRCRS is a fee-based scheme with a view to recovering the operation costs. The building rehabilitation platform will offer a special rate to the service provider who are interested in applying for this scheme to conduct an assessment. Details of the application fee are as follows:

    Application fee table
    Application fee for the 1st assessment
    (during formal application period)
    3,750 A one-time special rate will be provided for 1st time assessment application within 24 months from the formal application period.
    Application fee for each assessment afterward
    (during formal application period)
  7. Points to note:

    • The application fee paid for the formal application will not be refunded under any circumstances.
    • The applicant is required to pay for an extra charge of 25% of application fee to change a confirmed on-site assessment schedule if request from the applicant is received in less than four (4) weeks prior to the commencement of assessment.
    • The applicant is required to pay for an extra charge of 50% of application fee to change a confirmed on-site assessment schedule if request from the applicant is received in less than two (2) weeks prior to the commencement of assessment.
    • The Platform reserves the right to modify the Scheme requirements and other details of the BRCRS without prior notice.
    • These application notes do not constitute any promise or guarantee of the Platform to the applicants. The points mentioned above are not the whole part of the scheme. Applicants should refer to the Scheme Handbook, Terms and Conditions documents for reference.
    • Any offering of bribes or similar considerations to the assessor or scheme related parties will be reported to Independent Commission Against Corruption (“ICAC”) and will result in rejection of application or withdrawal of registration.
  8. BRCRS hotline

    For any queries about BRCRS, please call the BRCRS hotline at 2202-9327 (Mr. Chan) or 2202-9360 (Ms. Lee) during office hours (9:00am-6:00pm from Monday to Friday). For technical support of the online application system, please call 2588-2322/2588-2680 during office hours (9:00am-6:00pm from Monday to Friday).